Justin Johnson

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Justin Johnson
Cybersecurity Expert
  • Location:
    Grand Rapids, MI
  • Major:
    Cybersecurity (BSE)
  • Minor:
    Computer Science (BSE)
  • GPA:
RFID Scanning
IOT Security
Port Forwarding
Server Hosting
Cyber Forensics
  • System security
  • Cyber forensics
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Computer Organization & Assembly

Your Cybersecurity Professional.

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My Expertise

Network Security

Gaining skills in protecting networks, learning to use firewalls and systems that detect unauthorized access to prevent cyber threats.

Encryption Techniques

Knowledgeable in applying asymmetric and symmetric encryption standards  to keep data safe and private when it's sent or stored.

Vulnerability Assessment

Developing the ability to find and assess risks in computer systems and networks with the help of tools like Splunk.

Incident Response

Learning how to respond to security issues, from spotting them to fixing them and learning from the experience.

Cloud Security

Getting familiar with how to make data in the cloud safe, including setting up rules for who can access what and understanding how cloud security is a shared job.

Malware Analysis

Understanding how harmful software works and how to stop it, including looking into how it spreads and finding ways to get rid of it or keep it from causing harm.

My Projects

RFID reading/ writing: Experience using a frequency scanner as a way of
reading and writing information to different cards/ key fobs in a contactless
manner. Underlying malicious intent is associated with these technologies.

Game server admin: Familiarization with setting up, managing, and updating a
Minecraft server. Using the terminal, I could analyze traffic and identify issues to
help optimize server performance.

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(616) 318-7624


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